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Quality Assurance & Quality Control
Our main goal is to provide to everyone battery with the best quality. In order to achieve that, we integrate the SPC, the TQM and 6S scientific quality control methods in our production process. BSB is also certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, CE & UL.
BSB Motto
Honest with people, Constant innovation, Customers centered, Professional service and above all, propose the Best Solution of Battery.
Quality Assurance Organization
Quality Certificate
Quality Control
Our Quality Control department consists of well-trained and experienced staff working constantly to improve the quality of our battery. In order to achieve that, BSB makes daily inspection of all the battery, with collection and rigorous analysis of the data.
Incoming Quality Control
In-process Quality Control
Outgoing Quality Control
All products are 100% inspected for performance and proper appearance before delivery.
QA Test Center
Our QA test center inspects all raw materials and each battery is going through battery life test and safety performance test.
Reference Standard
JIS C 8702
IEC 60896-2
BS 6290-Part4
ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-2003