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One-Stop Solution
BSB Power is composed of professional who strive everyday to offer the best service and the most competitive package to each of our customers. When you purchase BSB batteries, you do not only buy a battery but a complete solution. Our BSB One-Stop Solution consists of advising services before sales, battery design & development, manufacturing & quality control and after-sales services.
What BSB will offer you:
  • Research and development: No matter what kind of battery (appearance, dimension, capacity, specific logo, etc.), BSB will always advise the optimal solution after a serious study and understanding of the client's requirements.
  • Training and technical support: It is our intention to offer professional training and technical services such as consultation, installation and use of the battery before and after the order.
  • Information sharing: Once you have established a relationship with BSB Power, we will prepare and offer on a regular basis complete report and support including scheduling of our projects, battery R&D, manufacturing plan & status and test results.
  • Complete related service: BSB Power will help you choose or supply the battery shelf, connector, cable, test equipment and other related products if necessary.
  • Efficient business service: With the help of our experienced staff, BSB Power has a long experience in the battery industry as well as shipping experience, exhibition, tenders and other businesses.